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Check Google Index Status Of Your Website


Every website or web page needs permission to appear on the net. This permission is granted only when the link on the webpage is indexed or registered with the Google search engine. The relevance and the priority of the page to appear on the Google search engine depend on the quality of the URL provided on the page.

What is indexing of URL?

Indexing of an URL is defined as the inclusion of the URL in the public index that is done by the Google search engine of the respective web page related to the link.

URL indexing is the procedure of the information collected and gathered by the Google search engine bot from its crawling activities. Once the processing of the documents is done, they are placed on the searchable index only if the web pages are concluded to be quality content. The bot processes the words on the web page and determines the location of the words during indexing. Information such as title tags and ALT attributes are also checked while indexing.

It also indirectly determines the page rankings so that the page appears on the top thousand positions on the Google search results.

How is it done?

  • The pages to be indexed or ranked are first bot crawled in the right category. Bot crawling is the technique in which the search engines bot and reads the content of the web page within its database and include it in a non – public index.
  • On the next step it adds the web page to the sitemap provided by the webmaster.

How to discover the new website?

  • A sitemap must be created.
  • Submitting the site map to Google webmaster tool.
  • Then Google analytics must be installed.
  • Website URL should be submitted to search engines.
  • Social profiles must be updated.
  • The respective website links should be shared.
  • It must be bookmarked.
  • Offsite content must be created.

What is Free Google Index Checker Tool?

  • Free Google Index Checker tool aids, to assign whether each new web page of the website is being accurately crawled by Google bots.
  • It also checks the process of indexing and determines the missing domain of the website.
  • It also examines the pages linking to the home page and also identifies links for specific directories.
  • It is a trouble-free tool that helps to look for similar pages, though it does not indicate how the page is indexed by Google.
  • The correct indexing of a web page is very much crucial as it ensures the relevance and click through rate of the search.
  • It also helps to drag genuine traffic to the web page.

Free Google Index Checker Tool offered by SEOCheckupTools is a better user friendly, softer helping to determine and improve the page relevance and efficiency.

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