SEO (Search engine optimization) is an effective method by which one can increase the visibility of their websites or blogs or any web page in the results of search engines. It is based on the concept that higher the rank of your website, more the possibility of it appearing in the search result of various user's. It is applicable not only to websites, but image search, video search, academic search and other related searches.

SEO is a sort of internet strategy to understand how the search engines function and what do people search for, what keywords they type and which search engine they prefer. In order to optimize a website, it may include HTML editing and augmenting the number of backlinks.

It was in the mid-1990s that the optimizing sites for search engines was begun by Webmasters. At the start, it was a simple process where webmasters submitted the URL of the site to different search engines and a spider was sent to 'crawl' that page and the information in return were indexed. Earlier it basically relied on 'meta tag'. It gained more momentum with the incorporation of Google in 1998. By 2004, search engine optimization (SEO) had a major presence online.

It started personalising search results for the user based on their history and browsing data. Nowadays SEO has turned into a marketing strategy for every website, analysing the data and providing high-quality pages to entice the visitors. Google is the main SEO service provider for the majority of companies and its search monopolizes other engines.

Here are Few Tools Provided by SEOCheckupTools for Free

Using the various free tools offered by us can help you in many ways. Below we have mentioned a few tools provided by us that you can access for free and know the areas that need improvement.

MOZ Domain Authority Checker

This determines how you appear in the search results and your position among the other websites. Through this tool, you are able to increase the potential of your website and surge the traffic using metric tools. It is a hassle free tool, high in usability and conduct checks on nearly 40 signals. It further helps in keeping your site's performance consistent and concentrated.

Google PageRank Checker

This SEO analytics tool is effective in increasing the significance of the page by providing ranking results from the thorough analysis. Any link, from a low-quality site would affect your page and have a negative effect. This tool furnishes links from the credible sites and increases the quality of content. Furthermore, you can amplify the content and monitor the progress simultaneously. With this optimization tool, you can add value and success to the website. The check can be done quarterly to keep track.

MOZ Page Authority Checker

This SEO tool provides a score on the reliability and helpfulness of a site based on the visit by the people. It evaluates the efficiency of the answers given on your web page and supplies the results on basis popularity. It helps you in identifying the influence of your page in comparison to rest of the websites. It also directs the flow of relevant traffic to the link profile. The ranking shows from the scale of 0-100 and also provides guidance for improvements. Therefore, you can achieve a better score.

Social Signals Checker

It is another of the free SEO site analytics tool and a must for every blogger. It verifies the connectivity and appeal of your web page to a reader. Social media links really help in increasing the popularity of your page. This checker tool provides data on how your product fairs on the social platform and a comparative performance chart for better understanding. Social signals enhance your business visibility in search results and the check gives insight on what changes can be incorporated.

Google Website IP Checker Tool

IP or Internet Protocol address is a label to every device that uses the internet. It performs functions of hosting and location addressing. Each individual visitor has an IP address giving information about the visitor and the internet provider. This website IP checker tool, thus provides you detail on the quality and quantity of the viewing of your web page. With this data, you can modify or provide content to target a different genre of viewers. You can monitor the productivity, frequency and, search engines to grow your business.

What is My IP

This SEO tool is a very simple and easy to use. This tool provides information about your IP address. All you need to do is click on this tool and it will furnish your systems IP address. You can use it anytime.

HTML Headings Checker Tool

It is another SEO checkup tool for checking the headings of your content on webpage. HTML headings, in general, are essential because they represent the content and attract large traffic if the headings are interesting. All you need to do is copy paste the link in the search box and submit it on the internet. This way you get to know the relevancy of the heading and what improvement can be made for traffic flow.

Google Indexed Pages Checker Tool

Google search results show only that page that is indexed, thus, indexing plays an essential role. To get a high conversion rate you need to get the web page indexed otherwise, you may just lose on prospective traffic. You should always keep a track of every indexed page on the website. This SEO site tool aids in providing stats on how many URL's are indexed in Google search engine. You do not have to be an expert for using this tool, moreover, you can just copy-paste the domain name in the search box and submit. It will provide you the results on the web page and the standing of your website.

These are number of free SEO tools that we have, which can aid in enhancing the visibility and performance of your site. In addition, these tools help in creating well visible content. Google has been evolving and introducing more check-up tools to enrich the customer experience from the reviews.

Currently, every business wants to succeed and make a mark in the eyes of clients, therefore, SEO analysis tools available here are a better way to reach that goal.