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Geo tracking has become very common today. A network of satellites and mobile phone towers help in providing the exact location of an IP address. If you want to know where an IP address is located, you must use a geo IP locator tool for this. A computer terminal’s geographic location can be found through the terminal’s IP address. Though a geo IP locator tool can locate the city in which the computer is located, it cannot pinpoint the exact location. Geo IP locator is not the perfect tool for locating where a computer which is connected to the internet is located; it can narrow down the search. To track the exact location of an IP address, you will need to use additional resources. Some databases maintain full records of IP addresses. To pinpoint an exact location GPS and mobile technology has to be used.

If you know where the bulk of your website’s traffic is coming from, that can be a great help. Knowing the area in which your customers reside will help you to focus on selling them products that they require and will suit them.

A Geo IP locator will only tell you the city in which an IP is located. But at times that information can be misleading. If a user is hiding behind a proxy server and using an IP address assigned by this server, you won’t know where the actual user is located.

Other services can be used to track an IP address to the right address. You can track IP address location by using some applications available on the internet. These sites maintain databases of IP users’ addresses. With their help, you can get to the street address of an IP address.

Mobile phones can also be tracked while they are moving around. If the user has GPS switched on, it’s fairly easy for the internet service provider and cell phone service provider to track the exact location of the phone. In case the mobile phone has GPS switched off, the phone can be tracked to the cell phone tower which is picking up its signals.

Geo IP locator can be used for designing your marketing strategy. Because once you know the area in which the majority is located, you can target them. Large organizations use this tool to design different marketing strategies for customers located in different geographical locations. For example, if an organization finds that a number of its customers are located in Mexico they may decide to change their product description to Spanish.

An online e-commerce business may also use this application to track their customers. For example, if they receive a huge ‘cash on delivery’ order, they might get suspicious and want to find out if the order is legitimate. If they find out that the shipping address is Miami, Florida and the ordering person’s computer is located in Spain. They will not ship the order.

Law enforcement agencies also use this application to track down websites engaged in narcotics, money laundering and other illegal activities.

Geo IP location is also used in satellite navigation systems. When you turn the system on in your car, it tracks your location and then uses a street map to guide you to your destination. It will keep tracking your movement. It’s also smart enough to look ahead, and if it sees a congestion of IP signals emitting from a traffic junction, it will warn you of traffic ahead. Smart satellite navigation systems can also find alternate routes for you. With the use of satellite tracking and IP tracking a geo, IP locator has become a handy tool.