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Domain age is calculated beginning from the time it is registered. The older a domain, more is its credibility in the eyes of not only buyers, visitors, and advertisers but search engines too. Search engine rankings are to a certain extent influenced by the age of a domain hosting a website. With our reliable and free Domain Age Checker tool, you can check the age of any domain, ensuring its credibility before buying advertising space or availing services online. You can even check the extent to which your competitor’s better search engine ranking is influenced by the age of its domain.

In the web world, it is believed that domains that have existed longer must have been successful to survive this long, giving them more credibility and surely more internet hits. Thus, older domains get better ranking in search engine results on the basis of the stability of their website. Using our excellent hassle-free online utility, you can generate comparative information relating to your peers, get better insight before investing in prime advertising space, and also check the stability of any website before buying it – all very effective business practices. We help you identify established websites with higher credibility to plan your online business better.