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An Internet Protocol or IP Address seeks the identity of a computer and is used to make HTTP request when an URL is typed in a browser to fetch the respective website. Although each and every computer is connecting to an anonymous network, over the web, a computer can easily be traced for their important information through a series of numbers that are associated with the computer while a person is using it through internet.

If a machine is ever connected to the internet, then it can be easily located through the IP address. Therefore, IP address is nothing but a scheme of numbers that makes it possible to find and interact with a respective computer through another computer connected to different networks.

The IP address of a computer can be viewed anytime by anyone, especially the admins or managers of online networks.

IP addresses are granted to the owners of websites by internet service providers.

What is Free Website IP Checker Tool?

Website IP Checker tool keeps a record of the frequent viewers of the web content, thus gives a platform to analyze what needs to be changed to increase valuable traffic on the site.

Why do we need the Website IP Checking Tool?

  • Criminal minds can do any kind of activities online without taking any responsibility for them; this is when the IP address is needed so that their virtual identity is easily recognised recognized which is done by IP Checker Tool.
  • Website IP Checking tool is crucial due to its ability to reveal the important IP details that can ultimately be traced to get access to its user.
  • E-commerce site owners use an IP checking tool to assess their frequent and certain users for the purpose of marketing.
  • Website managers utilize an IP checking tool to regulate site administration and detect spammers and abusive users.
  • IP addresses are also utilized while making online transaction by the user.
    • Therefore, the IP checking tool is indispensable for the above mentioned purposes.

      How Accurate is IP address Checking?

      The accuracy of an IP checker can be determined only when the ability of services it can provide is known to the users. Following are the details that can be revealed by an IP address checker tool:

      • The location of the user
      • The host name of the user
      • The user’s area code for the region or state
      • The internet service provider or name of the organization
      • Any known or associated service running through the IP Legal Issues

      There are various laws regulating the privacy of users in how much can be revealed through their IPs.

      • The Data Protection Act controls the collection and use of personal information gathered through an IP.
      • It is legal for anyone to access anyone else’s IP address because the series of numbers can only reveal general details.
      • A person or organization must first obtain legal permissions to have internet service providers reveal the identity of the user behind the IP.

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