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A descriptive title always makes your text unique and identifiable. However, it is often problematic to find similarity between your title tags with some other titles. Therefore, to maintain the exclusiveness of the title of your document there is a wide need for the use title tag checker.

What is a Title Tag?

Title tags are also known as title elements that define the title of the content. Title tags are often used in search engine to display a given webpage.

The title tag posses a concise and accurate description of the document in the web page.

Title elements are crucial for user experience as well as search engine validation. It seeks a huge value due to its reliability for optimizing a web page in search engine, external websites and browsers.

Validation of title tags for Search Engines

In the case of Google, it typically allows the display of the first fifty to sixty characters of a title element. If the title of the web page consists of less than fifty five characters, at least 95 % of the title is expected to be displayed properly and rarely. Too long title shows ellipsis”....” However, long titles have an advantage of key words which are used by the search engines to find your document specifically and use it for ranking purpose.

Key words must be placed near about the starting with the title so that the search engines find it easier to find your document.

The brand name must be placed at the end. It creates more awareness of brands in the market.

Why Title Tags are Important for SEO?

The major function of title tag is to describe the document or content online. Title elements have been considered one of the most vital online page SEO elements.

Importance of title tags:


Title tags are represented or shown in both, the top of a browser and in tabs.

Search Result

Use of specific key words in the title elements helps the search page to highlight it in the search engine to give a search result of greater visibility and provides a higher click-through rate for the user.

External Websites

External websites such as social media sites use the title elements as the link anchor text of the web page.

Free Title Tag Checker Tool

Free Title Tag Checker tool offered by SEO Checkup Tools helps to improvise the reader traffic by increasing the visibility of search engine, even if the page rank is not too high. It also guides the user to make up exclusive, concise, unique titles with relevant title tags for improved online rankings.

The title tag checker tool also raises the efficiency of title in social media sites apart from search engine visibility. It is because these title tags are also used for social sharing.

The use of free title tag checker tool becomes more relevant due to the simple paste and click method to check the uniqueness of the title and provide concise information to the user increasing the user appreciation by in turn increasing the title ranking.

It also checks the title length as mentioned above to fit in appropriately in the search engine and looks for duplicity and irrelevance of title tags to obtain accuracy and efficiency.