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Since, the age of internet people became very much familiar with the term IP address. Most of us just relate the term to something computerized, but do not know the original definition of it. A proper knowledge about personal IP address is an important aspect to know.

What Is My IP Address?

IP is the abbreviation of Internet Protocol. It is defined as a unique string of numbers which are segregated by full stops that helps to identify each device using the Internet Protocol to contact or communicate over a network. IP specifies the format of packets, also called data grams, and the addressing scheme.

Types of IP Addresses

IP address can be of two types:

Static IP Address: It will never change, that is, it will be a permanent IP address.

Dynamic IP Address: It is a temporary IP address that is provided every time to a computer or device that accesses the Internet.

Format of an IP Address

The format of an IP address is a thirty-two-bit numeric address written as four numbers segregated by intervals.

Each number can be from zero to two hundred fifty-five. For example, could be an Internet Protocol address.

IP addresses can be assigned on a random as long as each one of it is unique and different within an isolated network.

However, to connect a personal network to the Internet requires using a registered IP addresses which is called Internet addresses that is used to avoid duplicity.

Importance of IP Address

An Internet Protocol functions as a telephone number or a postal address to deliver various messages or information to a certain region.

If you do not have an IP address, you would not be able to access the web to get any information because it performs as a source to locate your computer.

IP addresses, alter if there is any sort of change in the service provider, location and even turning off and on of your router or modem.

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Problems associated

However, an unprotected IP address makes your computer vulnerable to hackers by exposing all your computer details.

Also, it becomes unguarded to aggressive competitors and unregistered regulation by possessing your physical destination.

It is essential to get your IP address guarded to protect personal information from snoopers and hackers.


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