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What do we understand by the term ‘domain authority’?

The domain authority of a website describes its relevance for a specific subject area or industry. This relevance has a direct impact on its ranking by search engines, trying to access domain authority through automated analytic algorithms. The relevance of domain authority on website-listing in the SERPs of search engines led to the birth of a whole industry of Black Hat SEO providers, trying to feign an increased level of domain authority. The ranking by major search engines, example – Google’s PageRank is agnostic of specific industry or subject areas and assesses a website in the context of the totality of websites in the internet. The results on the SERP page set the PageRank in the context of a specific keyword. In a less competitive subject area, even websites with a low PageRank can achieve high visibility in search engines as the highest ranked sites that match specific words are positioned on the first positions in the SERPs.

Factors that have an effect on domain authority are:

• Prestige of a website and its authors.

• Quality of the information presented.

• Information and website centrality.

• Competitive situation around a subject.

Free Moz Domain Authority (DA) Checker:

Essentially, Domain Authority indicates the popularity and competitiveness of your website, determining how likely is it to show up on search engines. This potentially increases traffic to your website. With the free MOZ Domain Authority Checker SEOCheckupTools helps you maximize the potential of your website, using one of the most reliable metric tools. We provide you with DA checker that calculates around 40 signals like number of linking root domains, quality of incoming links and such in a hassle-free one-click calculating option to provide you with a free, user-friendly, and effort-saving tool. The tools provided here for free analysis your website on various parameters like number, quality, and authority of external backlinks, reference number of domain links and number of subnet reference links among others to determine the success of your website.

Better DA score means better reputation and more people flocking to your domain. uses user-friendly free DA checker tool that helps you to analyze the consistency of your site’s competitiveness as well as quantify how much more concentrated effort is needed to haul up the performance. A high scoring DA check implies better popularity of all your site pages. Loading up reliable recommendations linking your website to other popular sites is a sure-fire way of boosting your Moz Domain Authority score. SEOCheckupTools also provides you with a reality check on the success of your website measured against the beacons of your search group, helping you to ace your efforts and succeed.

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