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What are Meta Descriptions and Meta Tags?

Meta descriptions are HTML attributes in the Meta tag which possess summary or snippets of an article or a content that describes the whole document of the page respectively. Meta tags appear in the page code not in the page itself. Meta tags are very much similar to title tags, but the only difference is that Meta tag or Meta description contains a brief extract of the content and title tag contains only the title of the content. Meta tags help the search engines to find what a web page is all about.

Main functions of Meta tags are:

• To help identify and list the site in some search engine index. The importance of this function decreases with the increase in the age.

• To help the maintenance of the pages within the organisation to control the page reliability.

• To give a brief description of the whole content

• To help support key word in the text

In Meta Description when a keyword is searched on the net by the user, many web pages containing the same keyword appear on the search results along with the respective web page.

Content appears and is displayed below the main headings according to the information that is relevant to the keyword that is searched for. This written information under search headings is known as Meta description.

Meta description is not much vital for web rankings in the search engine because page rankings do not depend on Meta tags. They find significance in improving and managing the web page and click through rate. The interaction of the user with the search engine results is dependent on Meta description of major content identification.

To obtain an optimum briefing of the web page to standardize it according to the search engine Meta description checker is a vital need for the user.

Free Meta Description Checker Tool:

The Meta Description checker tool is a sophisticated tool that lets the user to search any kind of Meta description or Meta tag of any link stated in the web page. The use of Free Meta Description Checker Tool is user friendly and does not require expertise skills to be operated.

It requires the copying of the respective URL from the site or web page over web and then pasting of the URL into the search box provided at the top of the page followed by the selection of the submit button.

Therefore the user can obtain accurate, unique and relevant Meta description, though a Meta Description Checker. It also helps the user to make changes in the Meta description of the web page in case of duplicity or other errors for a better click through rate and raise the web traffic on the website.

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