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HTML heading is a familiar term for content developers or webpage developers. Whereas, few people exactly know what an HTML is? Thus, to get a vast knowledge about the HTML Heading or title firstly we need to gain knowledge about HTML.

What is HTML?

HTML is known as Hypertext Markup Language. It is used for describing web pages. It is a validated system to tag text files so that colour, font, graphics and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages can be achieved. It is also used to optimise the web page in search results.

What are HTML Headings?

The headlines or the title, which depicts the whole write-up / content present in a document or a webpage on the internet are known as HTML Headlines.

HTML headlines give the webpage or document a disciplined and systematic partitioning. The content of the web page can be divided or broken into paragraphs accurately and effectively by providing the headings.

HTML headlines are used to properly build up and standardize the textual document of the web page and providing the content a systemic division.

HTML headlines are segregated into six steps or levels called HTML tag initialising from H1 to H6.

  • H1 tag posses the most important heading.
  • H2 tag represents the headline that constitutes minor importance than H1 tag. It continues so on.
  • And the final headline is the H6 tag which depicts the least important tag in the document.
  • The HTML content is written in the following pattern:

    Heading 1

    Heading 2

    Heading 3

    Heading 4

    Heading 5

    Heading 6

    Significance of HTML Headings or title

    • HTML headings are important with respect to the specification of the content or document on the web page.
    • HTML also determines the priority of the web pages in the search engine for the purpose of standardising it.
    • HTML does the overall briefing of the document that is relevant to the webpage.
    • A satisfactory written HTML headline drags useful traffic from the internet because web pages with attractive headings are likely to come up earlier or is shown first when the user search for a particular content on the internet.

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