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Indexing web pages provides an authorization to the user to publish the content of the page into the Google search engine. It is very essential to know the number of pages that are indexed from the website of the user to run his business successfully. For example, if the user is providing a number of services and gives the information about them in a number of pages among which only few number of pages (say three out of ten) are only indexed, then the user loses a huge traffic of customers from viewing and utilising the respective web page. Therefore, knowing the number of indexed pages of the whole content is very much important for launching a successful web page.

Indexed Pages

Indexing of a web page is simply defined as the procedure of joining the web pages for the user to the Google Search Engine. Indexing becomes very important when it turns to published content that is listed on the web, because only those web pages which are indexed on the net can be viewed and accessed into the Google search results. Thus, if the web page contains the relevant information that is being searched by the customer, but it is not indexed on the internet then it will not be listed in the search engine results which will further lead to inconvenience both for the customers and the user.

Thus, indexing plays a most vital role in listing the content of a web page on the internet. If the web page is not indexed, it remains unrecognized by the search engines and therefore further remains isolated from the page rankings. To get efficient click-through-rate and huge conversion-rate the first thing needed to be done is to get the webpage indexed.

Google Indexed Pages Checker Tool:

Google indexed pages checker tool is used to examine the statistics about how many links or URL’s of a particular website are indexed in Google Search Engine which determines the priority and page rankings on the net.

Google Indexed Pages Checker Tool is used for:

  • Google Index Page checker finds uses by web masters to obtain the statistics about how many URL’s or links of a certain website are indexed in Search Engine.
  • It helps to easily find out the position in which the website is standing in terms of indexing and also identifies the changes is needed to be done to improve the search visibility of the website just by analyzing the results.

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SEO Checkup tools:

The SEO Checkup tools Google indexed pages checker do not require any specialized knowledge to be operated. It is a one step process, just copying the domain of the web page and pasting it into the search box, then submitting it is all that is needed to access the tool.