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What is Domain Age?

Domain age is defined as the length of time period for which a website has been registered and is active. The Domain age conveys trust, believe and faith of the customers visiting the website and also to the search engines.

Two factors are generally considered in the age of a domain name:

1). First is the length of the time of registration of the domain.

2). Second is the length of activation of the website or how long that it has had crawl able content on the web.

Importance of Domain age:

I). The age of a domain is vital for SEO purposes because it determines the age of a website which is an essential search engine ranking factor.

II). The search engines always assure to provide the users with the best accurate possible results.

III). As the website ages over time, it gains more trust in the eyes of the visitor of the web page and the search engine as long as it has the unique quality content with a robust portfolio of inbound links which are relevant and which have been established over time.

IV). Aged domains possess the life period of the webpage which drags the faith of the visitors, whereas there is more uncertainty regarding the information offered by a new website to the visitors.

V). Owners of new web sites and new domains shouldn’t worry about the initial low ranking of the website and that the respective website will never be able to compete. Because, it may take more time, but always the focus is on quality content and relevant inbound links.

VI). However, domain age is an insignificant factor for carrying out very little weight in the Google algorithm.

VII). List of factors that are more important for a good ranking of a website are:

1. Unique and high quality content

2. Quantity of the content

3. External backlinks to the content

Free Domain Age Checker Tool

The ranking of a web page or website in the search engine to a certain extent is influenced by the age of a domain hosting the respective website.

The Domain Age Checker tool is a free and reliable tool that helps to identify the age of any domain to ensure its efficiency and credibility before buying the advertised domain or availing the web page services online. It also directs the checking of the extent of competition that a new web page is going to face from the competitors.

To lend more stability and confidence to the website, the hassle-free and user-friendly software called the Free Domain Age Checker Tool was developed by SEO Checkup Tools under Google. It is most relevant and trustworthy tool which accurately checks the domain to determine its age over the web to pull more genuine traffic towards it.

Simply enter the URL to analyze and hit enter for checking Domain Age through this software.